Obama: ‘Not True’ Americans Are Anxious About the Economy Because of Immigrants

‘The facts don’t bear that up, that is not where the weakness is in the economy’


“And as far as I can tell, those who are running down the economy and adding to the anxiety don’t seem to have any plausible, coherent recipe other than cut taxes for the very folks who’ve been doing the best in this economy and somehow magically that’s going to make other folks feel good. Or alternatively, they argue that the reason you are feeling insecure is because immigrants or poor people are taking more and more of your paycheck and that is just not true. 

The facts don’t bear that up, that’s not where the weaknesses in the economy are. That’s not what’s depressing wages for middle class families or making them more vulnerable to disruptions in this economy. And I want to keep on making that argument during the course of this year. We should feel good about the progress we’ve made, understanding that we’ve still got more work to do.”

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