Trump: ‘Nobody Has More Respect for Women than I Do’

‘Nobody has more respect for women’

MANZOLI: “I have three wonderful daughters all and I want nothing more for them than to look ate their president at role model. And throughout the course of this campaign, you’ve said some disparaging comments about women, about people from other countries, other religions and about everybody who has disagreed with you. Explain to me how I can look at my daughters and have them look up to a president Trump as a role model.”
TRUMP: “Well first of all, nobody — who asked you to give this question? Did Anderson?”
TRUMP: “This is a CNN — by the way, there’s the CNN set-up at this one.”
COOPER: “No, sir. It’s not.”
TRUMP: “Nobody has more respect ...”
TRUMP: “Nobody has more respect for women.”
COOPER: “Just for the record, we did not tell anybody any questions.”
TRUMP: “Nobody has more respect for women than I do. 30 years ago, I had a woman building a major, major construction job in New York City, and that never happens. That just didn’t happen. I have so many women executives and your people actually came over and checked and couldn’t believe I have so many women executives. I’ve been great to women, and women have been great to me. They’ve done a great job. I do bring up things that are, things that people don’t want to bring up. I talk about immigration stronger than anybody else. I talk about building the wall, if you took at New Hampshire, they have a tremendous heroin problem. It’s coming from the border. People are driving trucks right over the border loaded with cocaine, loaded up with heroin. Loaded up for all sorts of drugs and they’re taking the money back. So we get the drugs. And especially in New Hampshire, you know, what’s its amazing. This area for some reason has a tremendous drug problem. And one of the first questions I get in New Hampshire is the tremendous drug problem. I’m stopping that. And these politicians can’t stop it and they don’t know, look it’s a different deal. They don’t know and by the time their lobbyists and all these people are giving them money get to them then that going to do even if they know what’s right, they’ll not do it. I’m going to straighten out things. Now, when I brought up the Muslim, you know, it’s very interesting, I brought that problem up and all of a sudden, the world started going wild and now the world is agreeing with me. We have to do something. There is a serious problem. Now we don’t have to discuss it, and we can be politically correct. And let’s pretend like our president where he refuses to say radical Islamic terrorism.”
COOPER: “Is that already a Muslim Islam or is it a radical Islamist problem?”
TRUMP: “Maybe it’s a Muslim problem, maybe it’s not. I had not — look I have many Muslim friends. Some of them, not all of them, but some of them call me and said 'Donald, you’ve done us a great service.' There’s tremendous hatred. At least you are starting a dialogue. We have a president that doesn’t want to mention the term ...”

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