Rubio on Trump: Being President Is Not the Same as Being a Real Estate Developer

‘I don’t think being president is the same as being a real estate developer’

[clip starts]
KARL (Voice-over): “ABC News got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look with Rubio on the campaign trail where his crowds are growing by the day.”
UNKNOWN FEMALE: “We wish you the best.”
RUBIO: “Thank you. I’ll be back.”
KARL: “That’s just the overflow.”
RUBIO: “Yeah, it just the overflow.”
KARL: “Because, they couldn’t fit them all in.”
RUBIO: “They couldn’t get them all in, no. You’ve got to get bigger rooms.”
KARL (Voice-over): “On his campaign bus Rubio defended his record.”
KARL: “What about all these governors we have running, far more executive experience and they look at you and they say you’re a freshman Senator.”
RUBIO: “Well, they don’t have more foreign policy experience and national security experience. And that’s the most important job of the president.”
KARL: “Do you think Donald Trump is ready to be president?”
RUBIO: “I don’t think being president is the same as being a real estate developer. And on national security, he hasn’t shown to date a deep — level of depth upon those issues.”
[clip ends]
KARL: “Today for the most part the candidates are prepping for tomorrow night’s debate which will happen right here, Amy, and for the — you know, realistically will be the highest stakes debate yet, coming right before the New Hampshire primary.”
ROBACH: “Oh, yes. Jon Karl, we cannot wait. I know someone else who is counting the days —“

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