Juleanna Glover: Trump Is ‘Potentially Vanquished’ Following Iowa

‘So now you have candidates getting oxygen, everybody but trump is getting oxygen’

BRZEZINSKI: “Let’s talk about the interview with Jeb Bush. Juliana, you know him well and you think the race is just getting serious now?”
GLOVER: “I do think the race is just getting serious. I think Jeb really did a remarkable job. I think over the last six to eight weeks we are seeing coming into his own.”
BRZEZINSKI: “But he’s at the bottom of the pack practically.”
GLOVER: “I think with Trump now potentially being vanquished we are now in the phase of —“
SCARBOROUGH: “Aren’t you vanquishing Trump early here?”
GLOVER: “Not necessarily. I think the bubble’s been popped.”
SCARBOROUGH: “He’s at 34 percent in the latest tracking poll.”
GLOVER: “You don’t have every serious Republican running around right now acting like their hair is on fire because Trump is going to be the nominee. Prior to Monday Republicans everywhere were ready to pull the rip cord contemplating the idea of oh, my goodness, if  he is the nominee who do we go with? Because say 40 percent, 50 percent, 60 percent of the Republican party was not going to support Trump. So now you have candidates getting oxygen, everybody but Trump is getting oxygen. He’s out there trying to be — get as much attention as he can. But right now you’re getting these candidates, Rubio, Christie, Cruz now get to see who survives in the thinner air of higher polls.”

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