Heilemann: Clinton Did Wall Street Speeches Because She Wanted the Money

‘That’s why Sanders on this issue has painted her so effectively into a corner’

BRZEZINSKI: "Let us see the speeches. Would you release them?"
SCARBOROUGH: "I have never given a speech in front of a kiwanis club or university or anywhere elsewhere you couldn’t release the transcripts and I can explain everything. The bigger problem, John heilemann, she can’t release the transcripts from Goldman Sachs because the executives of Goldman Sachs came out glowing saying “Finally we have somebody who understands that we’ve been misunderstood through this entire banking crisis.” As Ezra Klein said the reason Clinton doesn’t have a good answer on her Goldman Sachs speaking fees is there isn’t a good answer aside from “I wanted money.” And not only in her pocket, John heilemann, but for the campaign as well. The Clintons have used wall Street as a cash register for 25 years now."
HEILEMANN: "And I think the problem — Joe, what the Clinton campaign and what secretary Clinton wants to say is, look, you can’t point to bribes, you can’t prototo quid pro quos, you can’t point to significant policies where I caved on Wall Street, I’m in favor of dodd-frank, that reformed Wall Street and it’s fair enough she makes that point, actually, I think, the problem for her is that if you ask the question why were you paid hundreds of thousands of dollars and why did you keep doing these things in the context of knowing you were going to run for president and that it might create an appearance of impropriety at a minimum, the only answer is because I wanted the money. It doesn’t point to corruption, it just points to greed and there’s nothing wrong with making money, but she made an awful lot of it. And the fact is the speeches she gave I don’t know if there’s anything incriminating in the crypts but the speeches she’s given are probably not much better than the speech people could have given to that same group so the question becomes what were nay get beg sides the speech? It begs more and more questions. That’s why Sanders on this issue has painted her so effectively into a corner."

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