‘Morning Joe’ on Clinton’s Change on Wall Street: It’s a ‘Very Suspicious Turnaround’

‘Hillary Clinton is sitting will attacking Bernie Sanders for what Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton were the champion of’

BRZEZINSKI: "All right. So much to go through here. I thought Hillary Clinton was amazing. She was unbelievably prepared and she was very artful in making an honest, serious election question, transforming it into an attack on her which almost, almost made — until she called it an artful smear and people didn’t buy it. Bernie never went in for the kill with her. She actually kept it big picture and I think ultimately the audience loved that."
SCARBOROUGH: "He wins that way."
BRZEZINSKI: "He wins that way."
SCARBOROUGH: "Everybody knew there were so many times you’re going “Is he not going to take that punch?” And he set back and he almost let the facts and her own words — you said she did great."
BRZEZINSKI: "She did."
SCARBOROUGH: "She did well in a lot of part."
BRZEZINSKI: "It was a real debate."
SCARBOROUGH: "But there was hypocrisy dripping from that answer. First of all, an “Artful smear.” For Bernie Sanders simply saying about Hillary Clinton what Hillary Clinton said about herself in September a few months ago that she was a moderate and being shocked and stunned and deeply saddened that Bernie Sanders is telling the truth as the “Wall Street journal” said today, Wall Street has had no better friend over the past decade as far as Democrats go, Steve Kornacki, than hick. No better friend than Hillary Clinton. For her to accuse Bernie Sanders of smearing her and it goes to Glass-Steagall as well. Hillary Clinton is sitting will attacking Bernie Sanders for what Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton were the champion of. No, she didn’t vote for it. She and president Clinton aggressively lobbied for it."
KORNACKI: "I’m sorry, the other one there, though, you say maybe he missed opportunities or you’re saying why isn’t he going back onner? The one that jumped out on me is when she basically says I can take these contributions, I can take these speaking fees but the suggestion that I would ever change my position or I would ever do something different because of it, she was indignant at that suggestion. But there is the story of the bankruptcy bill in Hillary Clinton in the late 1990s when she was first lady. Elizabeth Warren has told this story publicly about how as first lady Hillary Clinton was on team Elizabeth Warren then she runs from the Senate, gobbles up cash from wall Street, goes to the Senate and switches side. Now is it literally because of the campaign contributions? Who knows, but it’s a suspicious turnaround."
SCARBOROUGH: "Very suspicious turnaround and you have to Clinton foundation situations that we talked about six months ago where massive amounts of money were involved there, too. Chuck Todd, and by the way, I tweeted this last night, I haven’t been able to tweet this about many moderators this election cycle and Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow were amazing."

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