Susan Page: Clinton’s Gap with Young Voters Is ‘Stunning’ and ‘Not Sustainable’

‘I think that means she needs to talk more about the future and less about the past’

SNOW: "Susan, let's talk about tonight. What does Hillary Clinton need to do tonight on the stage to win some of the undecided voters?"
PAGE: "You know, not just undecided voters but younger voters. Her gap among young voters is stunning, It is not sustainable. She needs to much better among younger voters and I think she needs to talk more about the future and less about the past. There was a moment last night when she was asked about the younger voters and her answer was I'll work for them no matter what even if they don't support me. I am not sure if she will have something more to say about that question and the Wall Street question she struggled for. Generally, good performance last night in the town hall but she struggled in response to both those questions. I would expect her to have a smoother answer, maybe the one that's more direct to these questions than she did last night."

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