Clinton Spox: It’s ‘Offensive’ to Call Hillary’s Supporters ‘Establishment’

‘They are people who work for Hillary Clinton and I think it’s a little offensive’

COSTELLO: "I hear you. But I think a cynic might say this is a year where backlash against the establishment is very real. So when Hillary Clinton said she's moderate, that probably didn't rub voters the right way so she switched it to Progressive." 
FINNEY: "Look. When she says she's a Progressive who likes to get things done, part of what people should hear in that is we have big things to accomplish in this country and I take issue with the idea, I heard my friend and colleague, bill press, on before and said she didn't want to do big things or suggest people lower expectations, that's absolutely wrong. When we talk about getting equal pay for women, when we talk about what we have to do to protect the voting rights act, those are big things and it's going to be hard to do and what you're seeing in Iowa with the win that Hillary had there, people saying that this is the person that I trust to take on that fight and win for myself and my families. And so I think that's what you're going to hear tonight from Hillary. And I have to tell you, Carol, I also take issue with and I've seen a lot of folks online saying the same thing, this idea of the establishment. I mean, I can tell you that the man that she met in new Hampshire who takes his mother to work because she has Alzheimer's and can't afford care, he is not establishment. He's supporting Hillary Clinton. Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin, is supporting Hillary Clinton. I think that's offensive to all of the people working so hard for her campaign, who have worked so hard and got out to took caucus in Iowa, they are not establishment, they are people who work for Hillary Clinton and I think it's a little offensive."

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