Scarborough: Clinton ‘More of a Neocon than I’m Comfortable With’

‘I personally as a Republican think Hillary’s more of a neocon than I’m comfortable with’


DEAN: “No, he has been a mayor.”
SCARBOROUGH: “He’s been a congressman, a senator, he’s pretty qualified.”
DEAN: “I didn’t say he was unqualified. I’m saying it’s not out of line for Hillary Clinton to say she’s a progressive because she’s actually gotten real stuff done and Bernie has not been in an executive capacity where he can do that.”
SCARBOROUGH: “I understand the argument. It’s like reformer with results, I think bush did that in 2000. The problem with Hillary is she supported the Iraq war. She was against same-sex marriage, she was for Keystone before she was against it. I personally as a Republican think Hillary’s more of a neocon than I’m comfortable with.”
DEAN: “Hardly a neocon, Joe, please. Honestly.”
SCARBOROUGH: “You go back and look at her positions in the state Department —“
DEAN: “What positions in the state Department make her a neocon. Name one.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Well, in every question Howard where — and, by the way, this is organizing the obvious. In every situation where there was a question of whether force should or should not be used Hillary Clinton was on the side of using force. And that’s just a matter of record.”
DEAN: “The Iraq war she and I have a difference of opinion, that was 15 years ago.”
BRZEZINSKI “Kind of a big one.”
DEAN: “It was also 12 years ago. What did we do wrong in Libya?”
SCARBOROUGH: “We went into Libya and Libya is an absolute mess because of.”
DEAN: “Libya was a worse mess when Gaddafi was running the place and qaddafi was about to commit genocide on his people.” [crosstalk]

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