Cruz: ‘I Hardly Think It’s News’ Trump Is Insulting Me

‘This race will be decided by the courageous conservatives, by the grassroots’

CRUZ: "It's going to be decided by the people. It's going to be decided by the grassroots activists, by Republican women, by young people. It's going to be decided small business owners and Tea Party activists, and farmers and ranchers. And last night was all about people of Iowa defining the expectations ... Wining Iowa was a powerful vindication of the approach of this campaign from day one.  We resolved when we launched the campaign that we are going to run a grassroots campaign. It wasn't going to based in Washington D.C. or New York, it wasn't going to be focused on sitting in a TV studio trying to curry the favor from the Washington elite. Instead, this was going to be a campaign that was going to be based on [indecipherable] ...

Listen, I hardly think it's a news that Donald Trump is insulting me. One would not expect my voting opponent to be happy that we won Iowa last night. And so he can have his criticism. That's fine. But at the end of the day, yesterday was the people of Iowa sending out to this country, this race will be decided by courageous conservatives, by the grassroots."

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