Matthews to Hillary: ‘Everybody Should Have Been Impressed’ with Your Last N.H. Performance

‘Maybe I wasn’t impressed as I should have been’

MATTHEWS: "You know, I think everybody should have been impressed. Maybe I wasn't impressed as I should have been, but everybody should have been about the way you handled New Hampshire last time around. You came off the loss in Iowa, you went out there and would stand there, like Bill Clinton, standing there until the last dog died. I remember you standing any think a Fieldhouse and you went on and on and on. It went on for five hours. It was a marathon, answering every single question of everyone in that room. It really was a physical marathon. Are you going to try to match that?" 
CLINTON: "It was." 
MATTHEWS: "Performance this time? I can do this thing?" 
CLINTON: "I'm going to do everything I can to get out there to meet with folks here, to answer their questions. I'm really happy we've got a forum on CNN tomorrow night. We've got your MSNBC debate on Thursday night, which will give us a chance to reach a larger audience. I'm going to be there day after day, between now and Tuesday. I respect this primary process. I know how seriously people take it. And I just want them to understand what I'm offering, what I believe we can do. You know, ideas that sound good on paper, but can't create results for people are just that, good ideasn paper. I have a track record of results. I know how to do all parts of this job. We'll be voting for a president and commander in chief. In New Hampshire, those two sides of this incredibly difficult job are joined together. I feel good about the opportunity I'll have to get out, meet with granite staters, make my case and I'm going to do--"

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