Chuck Todd: I Expect Bernie Sanders to Win More Caucuses than Hillary Clinton

‘I think that’s what we learned tonight’

MADDOW: "But South Carolina isn't third. Nevada is in there, too, and Nevada is also a caucus state. There were some perplexing results in the 2008 race in the Nevada caucuses. Anything about this caucus in Iowa and surprising results tonight that speak to how things might go down in Nevada? It might end up being way more expected than we expected"
TODD: "I believe you're going do see Sanders be -- the contest he wins down the road, I expect him to win more caucuses than Hillary Clinton. I think that's what we learned tonight. He does have the organization to do that. Iowa, is obviously, Hillary Clinton put a lot more effort into winning this one. Watching what we're seeing tonight, probably Sanders does have a shot in Nevada. I think Nevada is another caucus state, though, that Hillary Clinton's campaign wants to put an extra effort in, but you've got a Minnesota that's on super Tuesday. Colorado on super Tuesday. the march 1 super Tuesday. those are places that probably give Sanders a slight edge. Let me go back to New Hampshire here. Bernie Sanders does have one New Hampshire problem. His lead is so big. right? It's sitting at 20 to 30 points, depending on the poll you look at. This is a state that has been very good to the Clintons. When you see a week of campaigning, does suddenly a Bernie Sanders seven-point win not look as impressive if somehow Hillary Clinton massively closes that gap here? So I do think that the public polling perception does give Hillary clinton sort of, almost a free ride in New Hampshire to potentially close the gap and change that story line a little bit."

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