Clinton Supporter Jeanne Shaheen Claims Clinton Will Reach Across the Aisle if Elected

‘That’s one of the reasons I’m supporting Hillary Clinton, because she has a history of doing that’

MITCHELL: “Bernie Sanders has had a remarkable surge though. He started out against Mrs. Clinton — she had the organization, she’s been on the ground long before he was. And he was 40 or 50 points behind. As he pointed out, it ended up in a virtual tie. To what do you attribute the attraction of his message this year?”
SHAHEEN: “Well, I think, as we’ve seen with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, that voters are frustrated. And they want things to change. Now, what I hear from voters is what they want is somebody who’s going to work in a bipartisan way, who can work across the aisle, who can work with their colleagues and get things done in Washington. And that’s one of the reasons I’m supporting Hillary Clinton, because she has a history of doing that. And I think we need somebody who not only understands what we need to have done in this country, whether it’s around the economy, whether it’s with our financial sector, how do we reduce the disparities that we’re seeing in terms of wages, but we also need somebody who can protect this national security that we need, who can continue to build on the Obama legacy, continue to restore confidence in America, around the world and I think that person is Hillary Clinton. And there isn’t anybody in this race, Democrat or Republican, who has those kinds of credentials and experience and I think that’s ultimately what will prevail.”

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