Halperin: Today We’ll Learn What Trump Is Made of as a Presidential Candidate

‘We all knew Donald Trump would be tested somewhere along the way’


SCARBOROUGH: "You know, Mark Halperin, Donald Trump had — hated the Des Moines register/Bloomberg poll. It ended up that he hated it for the wrong reason. The expectations of that poll were so high for trump because it’s long been the gold standard that, when that poll put Donald Trump in first place, then suddenly the expectations shot through the roof, and even though he had what would have been considered a great night a couple weeks ago, suddenly he went below expectations because everybody looked at that poll and the quinnipiac poll that showed him winning this thing.
HALPERIN: "Yep. All the final polls showed him ahead. Expectations are a big part of it. No one becomes the nominee of either party if they’re not an incumbent without a testing. We all knew Donald Trump would be tested somewhere along the way. Today is the day. He has an event in New Hampshire here tonight. He is now being tested. I thought, as you said, he was good last night. Today is the day when we learn what Donald Trump is made of as a presidential candidate. Not as a businessman, not as a TV personality. As a presidential candidate can he fight back from adversity. Right now both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have hotter hands in this race than he does."

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