Halperin: Clinton Doesn’t Have ‘Much Possibility of Winning’ in N.H.

‘She would probably be rather in South Carolina or any other state where she is stronger’

SCARBOROUGH: "Mark Halperin, a virtual tie despite the fact when this campaign started Bernie Sanders was 40 points behind in Iowa —"
BRZEZINSKI: "A mocked and ridiculed."
SCARBOROUGH: "In July Clinton was beating him by 20 points in Iowa. I must say, you were one of the first people I heard say that Sanders could win Iowa and win New Hampshire. A 50/50 split for Sanders, sure looks like a win from here."
HALPERIN: "It does to me. Look, Hillary Clinton can say all she wants that she won. I was really taken aback last night when they put out a statement with lots of the vote out saying we’re certain we’re going to win. There was no way they could know that. I don’t think either side has incentive to call for a recount. She wants to declare her victory and Sanders I think can come away with this saying a tie is a victory for me and not risk having her win validated in any way. So they come to New Hampshire. She has a devilish choice. She has to be here for four days. Wednesday or a forum. Thursday for a debate and Friday for a dinner. She has to devote a lot of time to a state where I don’t believe she has much possibility of winning. She’s fighting to reduce the margin from 12 to 8. She would probably be rather in South Carolina or any other state where she is stronger."

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