Rep. Steve King Suggests Trump May Have Bought off Palin for Endorsement

‘He has a massive amount of assets and resources that he can deploy when it comes time to convince someone’

Steve King Suggests Trump May Have Bought Off Palin for Endorsement (Mediaite)

Some on the right are mystified as to why religious conservative and past Ted Cruz supporter Sarah Palin has decided to throw in with Donald Trump over the strong conservative senator. Well, Congressman Steve King thinks he might know why…

On MSNBC this morning, King saw part of Sarah Palin‘s Today Show interview. Not the part when she flipped out on her interviewers, but the part when she said that she like Cruz and is proud of supporting his Senate bid, but wants him to stay in the Senate.

King told NBC’s Chris Jansing, “I didn’t hear a reason from Sarah Palin in that. She just said it wasn’t a hard call.”

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