Rep. Chaffetz: Debate Without Trump Was Better, More Substantive

‘There was more substance as opposed to the personal attacks’

TANTAROS: "All right. So without the Donald, chairman, breakdown last night. You have endorsed a candidate on the stage last night."
CHAFFETZ: "Yes, Marco Rubio."
TANTAROS: "Marco Rubio. So Marco Rubio had a great night, and he was able to get some blows into Ted Cruz who ended up not having his human shield, Donald Trump there. And I think that your guy Rubio did bruise him a bit. What did you think of their back and forth on immigration?"
CHAFFETZ: "Well, that is what this is all about and this was a better debate because there was more substance as opposed to personal attacks and to that degree it was much more productive. I am a huge fan of Marco Rubio and I think he's the best candidate to win in November and he showed again debate after debate he knows his stuff, he knows foreign policy, he is a rock solid conservative and for those of us that have spend time with literally every candidate on both sides of the aisle, myself, Trey Gowdy and others, we support Marco because he is a leader and that is what we need."

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