Rand: I’m Not for Targeting Mosques or Religion

‘I am all for investigating the individuals but I am not for some sort of blanket statement that’re going to investigate a religion’

KILMEADE: “Senator, I have to bring it to the thing where you separated yourself. I think by all accounts you had a great night last night. I think you have to feel good about it. But I do want to ask you, where you’re really clashed, was where your vision of the NSA and what we should be doing when it comes to mosques. You know, Ray Kelly, Rudy Giuliani, Mayor Bloomberg, were for putting people in the mosque, to find out, to put an ear on the ground on that. You’re not for that. Why?”
PAUL: “You know, I think we shouldn’t base our laws on religion or on sort of examination of individual religions. I do believe in investigation of individuals. And so, when there’s suspicion of an individual or probable cause to do an investigation, I’m all for investigating individuals but I’m not for some sort of a blanket statement that we’re going to investigate a religion or a mosque.”
KILMEADE: “I can understand where you’re coming from, but I would say this. If the radical Islam oftentimes — the thoughts, beliefs and plans are hatched inside mosques — [crosstalk] — we don’t know what we don’t know, would you want to be proactive?”
PAUL: “Well see, I think we’re talking around each other a little bit because I’m for targeting individuals who are possible terrorists for whom we have suspicion, wherever they are. I’m just not for targeting mosques or targeting religion in general. I’m for going — it’s the same sort of question of the NSA. It’s not that I’m against looking at the records of terrorists. I want us to look at all of the records of terrorists. I just don’t want to do it indiscriminately where we look at everybody in Boston’s records. So I wouldn’t say we’re not going to investigate mosques in America, but I would also say we’re not going to limit police from investigating individuals wherever they go.”
HEGSETH: “The president has gone so far as to take that to the its logical extent, that we’re not going to call it radical Islam, but that’s not the problem. Would you still call it that, and say, hey this is radical Islam and we’ve got to call it as such and identify as such?”
PAUL: “Yeah, without question, if you don’t name the enemy you can’t defeat the enemy. And the enemy is radical Islam. It’s an aberration of the Islamic faith, but it is radical Islam. And if you don’t name it, we’ll never defeat it. And my point all along in the Middle East is that when we’ve toppled all the secular dictators we’ve gotten more radical Islam.”
SMITH: “All right, senator, thanks for joining us bright and early this morning. Glad to have you.”
PAUL:”Thank you.”

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