Cokie Roberts: Jeb ‘Had a Good Night’ But It Wasn’t ‘Good Enough’

‘The political people on Capitol Hill are beginning to get behind Donald Trump’

BRZEZINSKI: "As for the debate--"
SCARBOROUGH: “It’s interesting, he talked about — Cokie, he talked about Jeb Bush low energy. It’s very interesting, we got a glimpse into what this race would look like without Donald Trump in it, in the debate, and it’s a race Jeb Bush would win, because Jeb Bush clearly had his best night last night and I don’t care what the supporters say. For neutral observers, he was head and shoulders above everybody else.”
ROBERTS: “Jeb Bush had a good night. It’s not good enough. He embraced his family, especially his mother but has just been too far behind to catch up. What’s interesting here in Washington now is this business of Trump adjusting. The political people on Capitol Hill are beginning to get behind Donald Trump. Part of that is that they hate Ted Cruz. But part of it is they think that Ted Cruz would just absolutely destroy the party for decades to come and they think Trump will  'adjust.' And that means do more what they think they want him to do once it gets to the general election.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Isn't that fascinating?"

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