W.H.: Obama’s Not Interested in Joining Supreme Court

‘His aspirations for his post-presidency extend beyond a Supreme Court appointment’

UNKNOWN REPORTER: "Earlier in the week, Hillary Clinton said that she loves the idea [indecipherable] appointing the president to the Supreme Court. In the past, he said that the court is too monastic for him, but he hasn't ruled it out. Is it something [indecipherable]?"
EARNEST: “My guess is that his aspirations for his post-presidency extend beyond Supreme Court appointment. I think as a constitutional lawyer that the president is, I am sure he would have plenty of things and plenty of ideas for how he would do a job like that. But I think his preferences for how he wants to spend his time after he leaves the White House would lie in areas that would give him the opportunity to handle a wider range of issues than just those issues that come before the court."

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