Andrea Mitchell: Clinton Fundraising ‘Tells You a Lot’ About Her Worries on the Race

‘She is now releases this is going to be a long slog’

DÍAZ-BALART: “I want to head back out to Iowa. MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell joins me from the Historical Museum of Iowa in Des Moines. Andrea, good morning. So, Hillary Clinton holding on to a small lead there. How will this come down to whose supporters show up on Monday?”
MITCHELL: “Absolutely. And in fact, that lead is really nonexistent that you realize it’s between — it’s within the margin of error. So this is a virtual tie right now, going into the final four days. And really interestingly, Hillary Clinton is not even in Iowa right now. She flew back east to fund raise in Philadelphia last night and New York today before coming back here today. And that tells you a lot. That tells that she now realizes this is going to be a long slog. This is — she’s not going to be able to knock him out in these first two races. He’s 19 points ahead in our new poll in New Hampshire. And that’s why she now wants a debate, where she didn’t want a debate before. So, she needs more primary campaign money. She went to Philadelphia, she had a big fund-raiser there. Bernie Sanders slammed her for that at his event. He had a rally in Mason City, Iowa, last night and he slammed her for raising money from a big investment house — investment fundraising in Philadelphia. So that, again, hit on what has been a very big issue for him, her connection that he claims is too close to Wall Street and big money. She’s coming back here. She has not been negative against him. She’s been a softer tone in her recent rallies, returning to her basic stump speech. But we’ll have to see what she does when she comes back here. I think she’ll stay on that so-called high road because he’s so much popular support amongst the young people, it’s better not to energize his base and get them to actually turn out Monday night. And as you know, Jose, caucusing on the Democratic side in Iowa is tougher than on the Republican side. There’s a whole lot of steps they have to go through. And the betting on the Clinton campaign side is that they are hoping that all of those folks don’t turn out for him. Jose?”

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