Soltis Anderson: No One Goes Toe to Toe with Trump and Lives to Talk About It

‘I admit, all last summer I was a Trump denier, I thought there’s no way’


SCARBOROUGH: "After talking about Marco Rubio slipping over the past couple weeks, losing four points here, five points here, other than trump being absolutely dominant here, the three stories out of the polls are trump dominates, Cruz is slipping and Rubio is now moving into third place. He is moving into poll position for that establishment slide. And at least in this snapshot on this day it’s badly needed good news for the Rubio campaign and I think they got it."
SOLTIS ANDERSON: "This is what has been emerging as the Rubio strategy. Sort of let trump and Ted Cruz duke it out in Iowa, put in a strong showing in New Hampshire and hope that helps you there. These polls also show no one has gone toe to toe with Donald Trump and walked away telling about it. Ted Cruz goes toe to toe with Donald Trump, trump goes off on this weird he’s a citizen kick."
SCARBOROUGH: "Everybody joins in in the Greek chorus! Nancy Pelosi."
BRZEZINSKI: "It’s a lovely place."
SOLTIS ANDERSON: "And all of a sudden you see — from the moment that I became a trump believer — I admit, all last summer I was a trump denier, I thought there’s no way."
SCARBOROUGH: "I talked about trump deniers."
SOLTIS ANDERSON: "But after that first debate when trump went toe to toe with Fox News and his poll numbers went up, that was when I started saying okay, wait a minute, this is a different story. If you look at trump’s poll numbers going from last summer to now, his numbers have only dipped twice. Those two times were when he wasn’t in the headlines. It was in September when Carly Fiorina was on the rise, Ben Carson was on the rise and John Boehner stepped down as speaker and his poll numbers dipped again around the time Paul Ryan became elected as speaker and the attention was back on the house. Donald Trump needs oxygen to survive and so by stepping out of this debate and throwing his own event, he’s gambling he’s going to get more oxygen then the debate will after you can’t seeing those numbers going up and up."

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