MSNBC: Trump Leads Cruz by 7 in Latest Iowa Poll

‘If I were with Marco’s camp, I’d be very excited about this poll’


SCARBOROUGH: “ New polls from the first three early states where Donald Trump has clear momentum in Iowa. The NBC News/Wall Street Journal”/Marist poll has Trump at 32 percent, he’s gained eight points in Iowa as Ted Cruz slides to 25 percent. Marco Rubio a strong third place at 18 percent. All the negatives we’ve been talking about as far as Marco not seen here. He’s up five in Iowa. If I were with Marco’s camp, I’d be very excited about this poll. If I were in Ben Carson’s camp, well, I would start writing my other book. He slips to 8 percent. Jeb Bush at 4% in Iowa. This after a new Monmouth poll is showing Trump gaining 11 points in Iowa since December 30. He’s now at 30 percent,  23 percent  Rubio a strong third at 16 percent.”
BRZEZINSKI: “ Let’s move to New Hampshire where the NBC news/marist poll is virtually you will changed since early January. Trump is at 31 percent. Rubio and John Kasich at 11 percent and bush and Christie at 7 percent and 8 percent  each. And in South Carolina, Trump has a 16-point lead over Cruz. 36 percent to 20 percent. Rubio at 14 percent, Jeb Bush at 9 percent. Ben Carson at 8 percent.”

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