Meyers: ‘Brilliant’ Trump Will Have Everyone Waiting If He’s Attending Debate

‘Hate Trump all you want — but, you have to admit this is a brilliant move’

MEYERS: "Now Trump's rivals like Jeb Bush have been attacking him over this, hoping it will hurt him with some of his supporters, which brings us to a third thing. This isn't going to hurt him with his supporters. They've stood by him through everything. And you think this is the straw that's going to break the camel's back? How dare you, sir. You can attack Mexicans and Muslims, and black people, disabled people and veterans but skipping the 7th of a 13th scheduled Republican debate is a bridge too far. Final thing, hate Trump all you want. But, you have to admit this is a brilliant move. All anyone is going to do for the next day is wait to see if Trump will show up. It's like waiting for Goudeau but spelled like this."

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