Carson: ‘Man on the Street Interviews’ Show Many Americans Not Well-Informed

‘I see the threat being the fact that people sometimes are not well educated’

BLITZER: "Who do you see, Dr. Carson, as a bigger threat to your ambition to be the next president of the United States? Donald Trump or Ted Cruz?"
CARSON: "I don't see either one of them as a threat to me. I see the threat being the fact that people sometimes are not well educated. I'm sure you have seen some of the man on the street interviews where people are asked about basic issues, and they don't have a clue what you are talking about. Yet, these are people who vote. It's what our founders were talking about when they said that our freedom and our system is based upon a well informed and educated populous, and if we ever change into something else, then we will change as a nation. I implore people to really inform yourself about who the candidates are, inform yourself of what their positions are. Ben Go to our website. Read what our policies are on taxes, on foreign policy. You know, we put out a policy today on how to defeat ISIS. These are important issues, they are existential issues for our country."

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