Camerota Pushes Back Against Cruz Camp: He Is Afraid of Coming on CNN

‘Your candidate Ted Cruz has refused to come on “New Day”’

CAMEROTA: “Alice, you are making excellent points, of course, but I have to push back and tell you that your candidate, Ted Cruz, has refused to come on our show on NEW DAY. He doesn’t make appearances on CNN. What’s he afraid of?”
STEWART: “He’s done CNN before. He’s not afraid of tough questions. And speaking of what he’s not afraid of, he’s certainly not afraid of Donald Trump and as you said last night, as soon as we got word — we had two events last night after Donald decided he wanted to insult the American people and avoid this debate — he challenged him to a one- on-one debate, Lincoln-Douglas style debate. No moderators. If Donald Trump is afraid of a moderator asking tough questions or being mean to him, let’s do Lincoln-Douglas style debate, mano a mano, debating the issues. Needless to say, we haven’t heard anything about that.”
CAMEROTA: “And Alice, can we count on Senator Cruz coming on our show in the next week?”
STEWART: “Well, I can tell you right now, Alisyn, our schedule is jam packed from here through the caucus week. We’ll look at something down the road but our schedule, we are jam packed. Unlike Donald Trump, we have 30 campaign events in Iowa this week. We were done at midnight last night and back again this morning —“ [crosstalk]
CAMEROTA: “Got it. Well, our offer stands, our invitation stands and we would love to have him on.”

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