Jeffrey Lord: Trump Communicating the Message He ‘Won’t Take Guff’ from the Media

Camerota: ‘What guff ... other than answering tough questions?’

CAMEROTA: “Here to discuss, Jeffrey Lord, the author of ‘What America Needs: The Case for Trump’ and a CNN political commentator and a former Reagan White House political director and Alice Stewart is a senior communications adviser for Ted Cruz. Great to have both of you with us this morning. Jeffrey, let me start with you. I mean, you face tough questions from us here at CNN every day. Why should Donald Trump shy away from facing tough questions in a debate tomorrow night?”
LORD: “You know, years ago, Roger Ailes wrote a book called 'You Are The Message' in which he did communicate the idea that everything — not just what you say, but the way you conduct yourself in synchronization, communicates the message of who you are. What Donald Trump is doing here is communicating the message that he’s not going to take guff, if you will, from the media, FOX being the standard at this moment, but I don’t need to tell you guys —“
CAMEROTA: “But what guff, Jeffrey? I mean, Jeffrey, what guff has he taken other than answering tough questions?”
LORD: “Right. I mean that’s the journalistic perception, obviously. But clearly, out there in America, the media, quote unquote, does not have a particularly favorable reputation. So when he, Donald Trump, goes about this, what he is trying to communicate is, along with everybody else in the world, I’m not going to take stuff from people, whether it’s the media, whether it’s anybody else. I have to say, I am totally at a loss for that sort of snarky statement from FOX. I mean that wasn’t a statement of journalist, that was pure snark. I was astonished that they put that out.”

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