CNN's Fareed Zakaria After Interviewing Rouhani: Iran Deal Is a 'Train Wreck'

'The Iranian conception of what the deal is going to look like and the American conception now look like they are miles apart'

Zakaria: Iran Deal Is A Train Wreck (Washington Free Beacon)

In an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, Iranian Prime Minister Hassan Rouhani forcefully asserted that Iran would not destroy its nuclear centrifuges “under any circumstances”.

Rouhani’s comments come just days after the U.S. and Iran began to implement a deal which the White House claims will scale back Iran’s nuclear program. The Obama administration claims the goal of the deal is to prevent a nuclear Iran, yet Rouhani’s comments show Iran views the deal much differently.

Reacting to Rouhani’s position, Zakaria told CNN that the Prime Minister’s comments struck him as a “train wreck”.

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