MSNBC: Poll Shows Sanders Way Ahead with Younger Voters

‘This is stunning, Sanders way ahead with younger voters, 78 percent to Clinton’s 21 percent with voters from age 18 to 44’

SCARBOROUGH: “We’ve got new numbers out of Iowa just this morning, Bernie Sanders in Iowa in the lead. But just barely. Quinnipiac poll has Sanders at 49 percent. Hillary Clinton at 45 percent  inside the margin of error looking at the breakdown by age. This is stunning, Sanders way ahead with younger voters, 78 percent to Clinton’s 21 percent with voters from age 18 to 44. Clinton has the advantage with older demographics.”
BRZEZINSKI: “That could lead to a Clinton win.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Mark Halperin is not here but if he were — (laughter) — He would agree with me that when you look at voters, old — older voters are saying they’ll vote for me, that’s literally money in the bank. I know they’re going because older voters vote. When I hear younger voters saying they’d vote for me —“
BRZEZINSKI: “If they show up.”
SCARBOROUGH: “That’s great but you actually has to show up. And on a caucus night? I’ve been seeing younger people in the Bernie Sanders crowds, they’re massive crowds, I get. That but it looks like about 90 percent of them are under the age 25.”
BRZEZINSKI: “It’s less. Show the crowds.”
SCARBOROUGH: “So that’s — that’s a big question mark hanging over the caucuses.”
BARNICLE: “What would you/mark say though about a national poll at this stage? The import of a national poll?
GEIST: “Zero.”
BRZEZINSKI: “I’m seeing a lot of bald heads and older people. Just saying. It’s not all young people.”
SCARBOROUGH: “But that was —“
>> Why are you looking at me?”
SCARBOROUGH: “That was out of Iowa, though.”
GEIST: “The poll was in Iowa.”
BRZEZINSKI: “Okay here’s young people: But in a lot of the shots of the crowds I wasn’t just seeing young people.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Look at the people in the back of the stage. They’re predominantly younger.”
BARNICLE: “All I’m saying, his numbers are going to amount to his ground game. Is it as good as the Clinton ground game? Can he get those people out to the caucuses?”
SCARBOROUGH: “Is it as good and, Willie, again, I had a very simple theory, and the theory was if you voted four years ago in a primary and you voted two years ago in a primary you are going to vote this year in the primary and I put them down as — I call them super-Republicans. And I had a list of super-Republican, they were the only people I talked to because what I figured out was you can tell me you love me, you can tell me you’re going to vote 20 times and I learned it time and time again. If you didn’t vote in the primary four years ago and you didn’t vote in the primary two years ago you are not going to vote in a primary this time.”

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