MSNBC: Jerry Falwell, Jr. Endorses Donald Trump

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. endorsed Donald Trump on Tuesday


HALL: "Breaking news right now on the campaign trail. We're getting word of a new endorsement for Donald Trump. Mark Murray is standing by. Mark, as we understand it, it's Jerry Falwell, Jr. This is who introduced Donald Trump as Liberty College. So I don't know it's a huge surprise considering the glowing opening he gave him last week."
MURRAY: "Tamron, not a really big surprise. News was confirmed by our NBC campaign embed, Ali Vitali,who is with the Trump campaign. This just goes to show you the heart and battle going for the evangelical vote in Iowa. In 2012, evangelical voters made up more than 50 percent of all Republican Iowa caucus-goers. so you can assume that doing well with evangelicals allows you to do pretty well in Iowa. Today's new Quinnipiac poll shows Ted Cruz has a big advantage among evangelicals over Donald Trump. Donald Trump by comparison is doing better with moderate Republicans. and you can kind of almost see that what Trump is doing here is to be able to have some evangelical validators and support in his column to pull out a win in which evangelical Christians make up such a big proportion of the overall voters."

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