Pataki: The Hardest Candidate for Me to Support Would Be Donald Trump

‘Hillary Clinton is disqualified ... I would support any Republican’

MACCALLUM: "I pick up on some of what you are saying that you are not a fan of Donald Trump, not a fan of Ted Cruz. There are some Republicans who say they would actually rather see Hillary Clinton in the White House than either one of those gentlemen."
PATAKI: "I think Hillary Clinton is disqualified and unfit to be president of the United States. I think what she has done--"
MACCALLUM: "So you would pick Trump or Cruz if it came to them over Hillary?"
PATAKI: "I will not vote for Hillary Clinton for president of the United States. I would support any Republican. Right now I'm endorsing and supporting and continue to work very hard for Marco Rubio. The hardest for me would be Donald Trump. I think some of his comments have been outrageous and bigoted. I don't think he's fit to have his finger on the nuclear button. But I have no doubt that Marco Rubio is ready today to lead this country, to serve and lead as our president and to bring us together."

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