Jeb: ‘I’m the Only Guy that Consistently Goes After’ Trump

‘I’m the only guy that takes Trump on directly because I don’t believe that he’s a conservative’

RADDATZ: "You know, in an article this weekend, and you talk about Trump, “The Weekly Standard” says that you and the super PAC that supports you, Right to Rise, there’s some of the blame for the success of Donald Trump, saying Right to Rise, like in all pro-Right guard, helped clear a path for Trump by blocking several of his would-be tacklers, in particular Marco Rubio, with each passing day it becomes more and more likely that the lasting legacy of Jeb Bush’s 2016 presidential bid will be his prominent role in making Donald Trump the nominee and contributing to the crisis of conservatism that will follow."
BUSH: "Hey, Martha, I’m the only guy taking Trump on. I’m the only guy that takes Trump on directly because I don’t believe that he’s a conservative and I don’t believe that my life commitment to the conservative cause is going to be validated by having a guy be our nominee who’s not a conservative and who does not believe in a hopeful, optimistic message. So “The Weekly Standard” can say what they want. But I’m the only guy that consistently goes after him. And I’ll continue to do it as I advocate an — my ideas, my detailed plans to fix the mess in Washington, D.C."

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