Rubio Slams Cruz: He Is an ‘Incredibly Calculated Individual’

‘This thing he saying now about Trump is part of that calculation’


MACCALLUM: “Ted Cruz says in the end there’s going to be a conservative standing and populist standing. He says Donald Trump is now that establishment guy. You have got bob dole and Trent Lott and the governor of high what lining up behind Donald Trump.”
RUBIO: “They are not lining up behind Donald trump. They are telling their opinion about Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is a very calculated person. He said he’s against ethanol in New Hampshire and for it in Iowa. He was for the trade deal. 
MACCALLUM: “He said he would not stand for ethanol subsidies in Iowa and he got credit for that.”
RUBIO: “he had somebody in the line ask him a question about that an changed his position a little bit. I saw him vote against crop insurance and came back and changed his vote. He’s incredibly calculated. This thing he’s saying about trump is part of that calculation. I’m a consistent conservative. I know write and on the issues. On immigration it number one issue has to be to keep ISIS out of America. Fact change, you change your approach. This is part of that calculation. In the end it sounds like for Ted Cruz anyone who is not for him is part of the so-called establishment. Meanwhile the establishment spent $20 million attacking me. I feel great about our chances. We are going to win the nomination. If I’m our nominee we’ll beat Hillary Clinton.”
MACCALLUM: “Senator Marco Rubio, thank you sir.”
RUBIO: “Thank You.”
MACCALLUM: “Good to have you here today.”

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