CNN’s Bash: Clinton Allies ‘Getting More and More Worried About South Carolina’

‘Clinton campaign is turning their focus in a big way to South Carolina’

COSTELLO: “I think it is important to point out too, Dana, that New Hampshire and Iowa, you are surveying mostly white voters. That is not strength of the Democratic Party for sure, right? So that does make a difference.”
BASH: “That is exactly what the Hillary Clinton campaign is trying to sort of pound into every reporters head they talk to that Iowa has a very white demographic. Same goes for New Hampshire. And that is the demographic that at least his own political life Bernie Sanders has won with. He comes from Vermont. Another very white state. Which is why the Clinton campaign is turning their focus in a big way to South Carolina, which is more in keeping with the Democrats demographic that they tend to rely on to win nationally. However I’ve talked to several Clinton sources, or I should say Clinton allies, people who want her to win who are getting more and more worried about South Carolina. Because the Sanders campaign as it becomes more and more robust, as t becomes more aggressive, they are going into South Carolina, not necessarily his naturally habitat, if you will. But they are trying to tap into the black vote, for example, that Hillary Clinton and the Clinton team thought that they were going to do very well with.”

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