Trump: ‘I’m Going to Win States that Are Not on the Agenda for Republicans to Win’

‘Florida loves Trump and I love Florida so I think I’m going to win Florida’


TRUMP: "Well, I think I'm not only more electable, I think I'll win the election. You saw the FOX poll last week saying I beat Hillary Clinton and I think I will beat any one of them. I think she's probably more difficult than wacky Bernie and I think I will beat them. I will just beat them. As an example, I think I'll win Pennsylvania. I think I'll win Ohio. You saw my numbers in Florida where I am beating everybody. I'm at 48% and Bush and -- who is a former governor -- is like at 9% or 10%. Rubio, the Senator, he's at a very low number.

I'm at 48% in Florida. Plus I employ tremendous numbers of people in Florida. Florida loves Trump and I love Florida so I think I'm going to win Florida. I think I have a really good chance of winning New York. If we win New York, the whole ball game is over because nobody even ever anticipates winning New York because it's so powerful in terms of the process that we are talking about. 

West Virginia, I heard it is like love fest because they understand my feeling toward coal and everything else. But West Virginia, Virginia. I think I'm going to win states that are not on the agenda for Republicans to win."

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