Rand to Clinton: ‘Why Do You Think that Regime Change’ in the Middle East Has Mad It Safe?

‘I don’t see any instance in the Middle East where our intervention has worked’

BLITZER: "At least a third, maybe a lot more in New Hampshire. They still haven’t 100% made up their mind. Maybe are still on the fence. There’s a notion this race, among the Republicans, is a race between the so-called outsiders and the establishment. Where do you fit in?"
PAUL: "I’ve been running against the establishment ever since I got involved in politics. The establishment handpicked somebody who I was able to beat. I’m a physician. I’ve been a physician most of my career. Took time often from being a physician to try to straighten things out in Washington. But I think I would be one of the biggest opponents of the establishment that you probably have up here."
BLITZER: "As you know, I a sum you know, Monday night, CNN is going to host a Town Hall in Iowa. Chris Cuomo will moderate. Hillary Clinton, martin O’Malley. People at the town hall will ask questions. If you were one of those people, what would you ask Hillary Clinton right now?"
PAUL: "Why do you think that regime change in the Middle East, toppling Gadhafi, was a good idea, when it seemed to make ISIS stronger and why do you think the same for Syria? Why do you think toppling Assad will make us safer when in reality I think it makes ISIS stronger."
BLITZER: "The view of you is you’re an I isolationist. You call yourself an interventionist, right?"
PAUL: "We have to look at our intervention and find out whether it’s worked. I don’t see any instance in the Middle East where our intervention has worked. When we toppled Gadhafi, we got a failed state in Libya. When Mubarak left in Egypt, we got the Muslim brotherhood. If we topple Assad, my fear is we get ISIS. When we toppled Saddam Hussein. It’s not a question of never intervening. It’s a question of more versus less. I think considerably less."

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