NYT’s Jeremy Peters: Voters ‘See Cruz as More Plastic than Trump’

‘I think what is going to be more harmful to Cruz ultimately is what Trump seized on lately, which is his lack of likability’

MITCHELL: "And Jeremy Peters here, one of the new factors today is the Monmouth poll to show planted seeds among concern for Republican voters nationally. 65 percent say they are now concerned about, or at least have doubts that Ted Cruz is eligible to run for president."
PETERS: "Right. And this is what Donald Trump is always very good at, finding a vulnerability and exploiting it. And blowing it up. And that’s what he’s done. I think what is going to be more harmful to Cruz ultimately is what trump seized on lately, which is his lack of likability. I mean, Ted Cruz, say what you will about him, I think most of the people who work with him, John McCain being one in the Senate, probably the prime example, do not find him to be a particularly agreeable person to put it nicely. I think that comes through with voter. When you talk to voters in Iowa, one of the things I have heard a lot is he seems plastic, like there’s something insincere about him. And I think that will be —" 
MITCHELL: "Compared to Donald Trump?"
PETERS: "You know what? People look at Trump and they say, hey, he says what’s on his mind and there’s authenticity that bleeds through there, so yeah, as strange as that may seem to some people, I think they really do. They see Cruz as more plastic compared to Trump."

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