Herman Cain: Black Voters Not Falling for Hillary’s Pandering

‘She’s doing her best pandering to buy voters’


WEBSTER: “All right. What do you say, Herman Cain, is Hillary right? Or she just appealing to the minority voters for her reelection campaign?”
CAIN: “She is doing her best pandering to buy voters. (Laughter) I am not sure it is systemic as lack of accountability. You see, we have the same problem in a lot of our institutions, people want to call it systemic racism. No, it’s a lack of accountability on the part of the people who are in charge of some of these things. I don’t agree with her. It is just her pandering to black voters to try to keep them, quote, ‘on the reservation’ and she does this all the time.” 
WEBSTER: “What’s interesting, if you go back in time, back when her husband was president, he passed the violent crime control and law enforcement act of 1994.”
CAIN: “Right.”
WEBSTER: “Those laws were seen as probably the most influential in building up the mass incarceration of minorities in prisons. She was at that campaigning for these laws.”
CAIN: “Absolutely. And now she is saying we’ve got systemic racism and we’ve got to retrain police officers — how about let’s make sure we change some of the the laws that need to be changed first, and then we can hold people accountable for what they need to do.”
WEBSTER: “Do you think Hillary is desperately now, in the face of Bernie Sanders, aligning herself more and more with president Obama’s administration in order to try and attract that minority vote?”
CAIN: “Absolutely, there is no question about that.”
WEBSTER: “Is that a strategy that will work?”
CAIN: “No, it will not work.” 
CAIN: “Because what I am learning, from my [indecipherable] to my radio show, is that a lot of black voters, and they’ve called and identified themselves and they said that they’re black. They’re not falling for Hillary’s pandering. And they’re not falling for the fact that because she’s now trying to grab a whole of his coat-tail — they’re not falling for that either.”

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