Trump: ‘I’m Not Sure’ that Cruz ‘Knows What He Means’ with New York Values Comment

‘He should have never said it’

TAPPER: “You defended New Yorkers after Senator Cruz said that you embodied New York values. You were insulted. The Governor Cuomo said he was insulted. Some New York pundits including — from “Fox” and “Fox Business” channel said they were insulted. There are some observers out there who think that when Ted Cruz talks about New York values he’s invoking something else. He’s talking about in their view ethnics, Jews. What do you think he means?” 
TRUMP: “I’m not sure that he knows what he means to be honest with you. I thought it was very — he should have never said it. I thought it was very insulting to a lot of people, including Maria who was asking the question. I thought it was very, very insulting. And I immediately thought of the World Trade Center and the bravery of New Yorkers and the genius of New Yorkers to be able to that that whole section and rebuild after the tragedy. The worst thing that ever happened to our nation in terms of an attack worse than Pearl Harbor because Pearl Harbor they were attacking the military. Here may are attacking civilians. Having breakfast and being in offices. And frankly, you had two 110, you know, story buildings fall down. Thousands of lives — death and the smell of death. The smell of death and to see what happened, that resurrection, that whole thing take place New York has gotten tremendous credit for it and for him to be criticizing New York — you know, you’re thinking about the firemen running up the stairs knowing they may never be able to come down. I mean, those buildings were in bad shape. The first one comes down and the second one they’re running up the stairs and the policeman and everything else. I thought it was disgraceful that he brought that up.”

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