Trump: Ted’s Hit on N.Y. Was ‘Disgraceful’

‘A lot of people are hitting him for what he said about New York’


SCARBOROUGH: "How do you feel about the debate and are you still willing to say Ted Cruz is a nice guy?"
TRUMP: "I’m not sure about a nice guy. He came at me inappropriate. He’s got a problem and got to straighten out the problem. In fact, I think he had a couple of suits filed yesterday against him running which is exactly what I’ve been saying. I don’t know he’s a nice guy. He’s a good debater but very strie Dant. The grudge and time and all the different online polls had me winning the debate by a lot. I immediately looked at that. I want to see how did I do? I checked the online polls and they have 200,000, 300,000 people calling in. I won every one of them. I’m happy about that. I thought Ted did not have a good night last night and I thought his hit on New York was disgraceful thankfully. I haven’t been to sleep yet. I came in from great south Carolina to great Iowa. We have some great places but so I just got off the plane. A lot of people are hitting him for what he said about New York. I thought it was terrible. You know you have offended about 20 million people and that’s a lot of people."

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