Scarborough: Trump Would Actually Be Clinton’s ‘Toughest General Election Battle’

Halperin: ‘Trump has dominated the race and yet had his best debate last night’


SCARBOROUGH: "There were a lot of moments here in the debate a lot of back and forths and fiery exchanges, at the end of the day, it looks like everybody held served. Aye got to say other than the New York Times, you were there and covering it. Most people thought actually as John for the New York post not a trump fan at all said it looked like it was Trump’s night."
HALPERIN: "Trump has dominated the race and yet had his best debate last night. Already ahead, way ahead in the new NBC news poll national. Ahead in every state except here where he’s tied with Cruz. The guy’s been a politician for a few months so he has a learning curve but he dominated the night."
SCARBOROUGH: "B for Christie, B for Rubio. B minus bush, Kasich. C for Carson. He said just imagine, you look at crowd hammer, the list goes on. Some of the stuff is critics now realizing this guy could win it and he’s getting better by the day and I’m wondering whether some of them are starting to say what Mika said a month ago which is watch out. He would actually be Hillary Clinton’s toughest general election battle."

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