State Dept.: Nobody Is Giving Iran $150 Billion

‘Believe me, we are going to keep the pressure on Iran’

KILMEADE: “But you’re giving them $150 billion this weekend despite this provocative behavior. Why are you rewarding this behavior?”
KIRBY: “Nobody is giving them $150 billion. This is about sanctions release tied to the Iran nuclear deal. And you’ve got to remember Brian, that — that sanctions relief is tied to them cutting off all the pathways to their nuclear weapons capability. And Iran without a nuclear weapons capability I think even you would agree, is safer and better for the region than Iran that has those weapons.”
KILMEADE: “Fundamentally we just don’t believe that they’re doing that.”
KIRBY: “And this deal is about cutting off that pathway. It is not about turning away from Iran’s other provocative behavior. We have unilateral sanctions — U.S. sanctions in place to deal with their ballistic missile program, their support for terrorism. Believe me, we’re going to keep the pressure on Iran.
DOOCY: “All right. John Kirby, spokesperson for the State Department. John, thank you very much for joining us live.”
KIRBY: “My pleasure. Thanks for having me, guys.”

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