McCaskill Takes a Shot at Sanders: ‘I Wish I’m More Confident’ He Could Beat Trump

‘Bernie Sanders does not have one endorsement of one senator’

BREWER: “You’re going to Iowa though the campaign for Hillary Clinton. If Bernie Sanders ends up as the Democratic nominee, are you confident he can beat Donald Trump?”
MCCASKILL: “Well, I wish I were more confident. You know, I know that no one wants to hear about what senators is doing in terms of endorsements. But keep in mind, these two people have been our colleagues. We have worked with these two people for years. We know these two people, and how they work and — and whether or not they have the strength and the skills necessary to lead a very divided country. We — and Bernie Sanders does not have one endorsement of one senator. And that should speak volumes to people who are making up their mind about who would be the strongest candidate against the Republicans in November.”

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