2013 Flashback: Alec Baldwin Praises ‘Great Governor’ Chris Christie

‘Christie has been a great governor for the people of New Jersey ... we really mean it when we say we admire Chris Christie’

Current Christie-Basher Alec Baldwin’s Effusive Praise Was Once Touted by Christie Campaign (Mediaite)

Actor and former MSNBC host Alec Baldwin has been spending his time ripping Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) on Twitter lately, tweeting (then deleting) during Christie’s marathon press conference “You listen to the high-pitched, plaintive whine in Christie’s voice. What do you hear?”, followed by “Abuse of political power is unforgivable.” Just this morning, Baldwin retweeted a harsh article about Christie’s use of the Port Authority as a “political piggy bank.”

It was just a few short months ago, however, that Mr. Baldwin’s effusive praise was featured among the dozens of cross-partisan endorsements on Chris Christie’s campaign Youtube channel. The clip featured Baldwin, along with wife Hilaria Baldwin and tiny dogs, telling Extra! that Christie “has been a great governor for New Jersey.”

You know, everybody always makes an issue about partisanship, and I would love to be able to say that on TV, and that is that I may not agree with certain people on every issue, but you can’t be single issue, and Christie has been a great governor for the people of New Jersey,” and added “We really mean it when we say we admire Chris Christie.”

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