W.H. Tries to Spin Biden’s Comments About Hillary and Sanders

‘The vice president was giving credit where it’s due to Senator Sanders’


HEMMER: “Joe Biden questioned Hillary Clinton’s authenticity when it comes to income inequality.”
EARNEST: “What the vice president said is she has been focused on foreign policy. That’s what she did for the first four years of the Obama Administration. But she has put together good ideas. Connections benefit from the prosperity we are seeing in our economy. He minute as a compliment. I don’t know if that was taken that way.” 
HEMMER: “It appeared he was complimenting Bernie Sanders more.”
EARNEST: “The vice president was giving credit where it’s due to Senator Sanders. Democrats are fortunate have so many candidates on the Democratic side who have a strong track record and are putting forth ideas for our economy.”
HEMMER: “Was Joe Biden suggesting she is not who she says she is?”
EARNEST: “He was suggesting she has some good ideas. Because of the policies we’ve put in place we have been able to dig out of the worst economic downturn since the great depression all while reducing the deficit.”

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