Lauer to Obama: ‘You Sound a Little Bit Like George W. Bush’

‘— Who told me one day: ‘Matt, I am going to be dead when my legacy is decided’

LAUER: "I would think that at an earlier point of your presidency had that feeling started to well up in you --"
OBAMA: "I might have clamp it down."
LAUER: "You might have suppress it had."
OBAMA: "Yeah. tThere's no doubt that I am looser now. There have been times during the course of my presidency where I've tightened up. You know, as you go into your last year you start realizing that ultimately how well you've done here is going to be judged not by tomorrow's polls or today's headlines. It is going to be judged by, you know, people who are looking back at you 20, 30 years from now and say you better let it rip."
LAUER: "You're starting to sound a little like George W. Bush who told me one day, Matt, I'm going to be dead when my legacy is decided."

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