Scarborough: If Trump Wins Iowa, Nobody Can Stop Him

‘There’s nothing like Donald Trump’


"After that, I’ve said it all along if Donald Trump wins Iowa everybody else — they want to put up a fight they can. He’ll roll through new Hampshire. He gets strongest in the south, South Carolina, across the deep south. Nobody can stop him. If he wins Iowa everybody else might as well go home. The party is over. Like Barack Obama in 2008. They knew in 2008 if they won Iowa they were going to win the nomination. A lot of their logic holds up with Donald Trump too. I got to go back to you John Meacham. In the past week, week and a half, we’ve been talking about trump, truchism, everybody has been trying to analyze this new phenomenon in American politics and there’s nothing like Donald Trump ever and the further we get into this campaign season the more we realize that past is always prolog. This didn’t about Donald Trump this is pat Buchanan with billions. Can you go back to some people are talking about what Wallace did in ‘68. We talked about how rfk supporters went to Wallace afterwards. You talked about ‘48. Take it all the way back, go back to Andrew Jackson and I swear to God..."

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