Scarborough: ‘No Doubt’ Biden Is ‘Haunted Every Day’ by the Decision Not to Run

‘He sees polls where Hillary Clinton does worse against Donald Trump than Bernie Sanders’


BRZEZINSKI: "So, translation, Joe, her message is not authentic and Bernie’s is. I don’t know how else to look at that."
SCARBOROUGH: "Well that’s the message. She’s relatively new to being worried about people that are poor than the rich. Income disparity which is, of course, the most important issue right now not only in the Democratic Party but a lot of economists would say in America and she’s flip flopping on a lot of other issues. There’s no doubt Joe Biden has said he’s haunted every day by the decision he made not to run. He sees that Hillary is behind in a lot of polls. In Iowa. She’s behind by a large amount in New Hampshire. He sees polls where Hillary Clinton does worse against Donald Trump than Bernie Sanders. And there’s no doubt about it and we’ve talked about this, gene Robinson, that the question is not what happens to Hillary Clinton running against Bernie Sanders in South Carolina, after she loses Iowa and new Hampshire, if she loses Iowa and New Hampshire, the question is, is that when Joe Biden and John Kerry who have been privately thinking about this, discussing with friends, even Al gore who friends say have been obsessed with the issue whether he should jump into the race or not do they see that weakness as an invitation to open this race as wide-open as Republicans will open the race up if Donald Trump wins Iowa and New Hampshire?"

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