Carson: Hillary Clinton ‘Fans the Flames of Distrust’ of Our Government

‘What is more concerning [than Clinton email investigation] ... is the people’s lack of trust in our government’


HEMMER: "Breaking news now. The FBI is expanding the investigation into Hillary Clinton beyond the issue of her emails, looking into possible public corruption with the Clinton foundation. Dr. Ben Carson is my guest now. Sir, good morning to you. Thank you for your time as we go into the fine weeks before the caucus. Should she be prosecuted based on what information you have now?"

CARSON: "It is obviously very concerning. even more concerning as i talk to people across this nation is the lack of trust in our government. do we now want to instill someone into the highest positions that just fans the flames of that distrust."
HEMMER: "Just looking  for a yes or no answer, based on what you know, should she be prosecuted?"
CARSON: "Based on what I know, I would be in favor of looking further into the investigation."
HEMMER: "I'll take that as a maybe."

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