Trump: It’s Time for Jeb To Go Home and Be with His Family

‘You see Bush $69 million, Trump like nothing ... Trump 42 [percent], Bush like nothing’

“Forty two. They going to say it’s like 15 people, right? Fifteen people. Of course it’s going down fast. I would imagine this is a run for the door, right after New Hampshire, maybe after Iowa — going to be a big run for the door. Some of the zeroes are going to be — what are they doing? l mean, Bush — what is Bush doing? (Laughter) The guy has spent — think of it — the guy has spent $69 million. He just took $25 million in donor money. You know, it’s all donor money. It’s all these people that have total control over the candidates. And they’re all taking. 

I’m the only one who is self-funding, just remember that — the only one. (Cheering and Applause) I’m the only one. I just — you know, we just had some byers, some pretty big byers and they said, what are you doing? You’re winning by so much. Why are you want to spend your money? I said, because I don’t want to take a chance. Number one, no one will take a chance. I don’t want to be cute. And number two, I sort of  feel guilty. All these guys are spending all this money and I haven’t spent any. And I mean, literally, I haven’t spent anything practically. And I felt very guilty. 

So I’m spending money out of guilt, OK? (Laughter) Believe me, I did it too. I did it — I see you all this. You see Bush, 69 million — Trump like nothing. (Laughter) Trump 42, Bush like nothing. I don’t know, it’s time — sometimes it’s a time for guy like that to just go home. Relax, take it easy, be with your family — he’s got a nice family — be with your family and relax.”

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